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At Chopping The Field we know as former high school athletes the challenges that come with recruiting. Over the past seven years, we have assisted many in achieving their goals of playing at the collegiate level. From our personal relationships to having workouts in front of college coaches, we work hard day and night to place athletes who have the mindset and skills to play at the collegiate level!


We at Choppin the Field Recruiting pride ourselves on our broad list of collegiate coaches and that we establish and build the relationships over years to obtain a trust that the athletes in our database meet their criteria. We at Choppin the Field do not extend our paid service everyone. Before we accept any athlete into the Choppin database we conduct an interview with the athlete to make sure they are the right canidate that we can vouch to play at the collegiate level and received a financail award.

Some of things we seek in this process are Character, Social Media Activity, Height, Weight, and  Academics. 

On Services starts at $1,000.00. Included in this price is our hard work to continue your dream and/or goal of playing on the collegiate level. Understand that during the recruiting process, extra expenses may be needed due to coaches wanting to lay eyes on you to confirm measurables. We also do our best to have athletes compete in front of coaches. So part of this fee goes towards facilities we may have to rent for private workouts. All in All, we at Choppin The Field Execute and get Results. We have a Great Track Record throughout this country!

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